The world’s first integrable suitcase bag

Giving you extra space so you can pack everything and more!

Ever wished you could fit more items into your suitcase? Do you struggle with zipping  your suitcase shut? Are you constantly damaging the zips? If yes, then look no further than the TetchiBag…your one stop solution to this age old problem! Sold exclusively online only at

The TetchiBag will attach perfectly to your existing suitcase, forming an extension consisting of many compartments so you can pack and store all your overflowing items (clothes, shoes, hats, and even your laundry) with ease.

More space

Suitable for hard shell and soft-sided luggage 

Ideal for hard shell and soft-sided luggage. Hard shell luggage will usually be smaller in capacity than a soft-sided suitcase even if their volume is the same. This is because when you pack a soft shell suitcase it can expand a little, whereas hard shell luggage cannot. TetchiBag will provide that extra space, you would not normally get from  a hard shell suitcase, thus letting you take advantage of your full weight allowance.  TetchiBag comes complete with x3 large compartments letting passengers take up to 5kg in weight of additional luggage!

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