How much weight can it carry?2020-02-29T13:18:01+01:00

TetchiBag comes complete with x3 large compartments letting passengers take up to 5kg of additional luggage!

How easy is it to attach?2020-01-22T11:12:26+01:00

The TetchiBag can be attached to your modern suitcase in just 3 easy steps and in less than a minute! Easy fit instructions will be provided with every order so you can rest assured you can confidently attach it yourself as soon as it arrives.

Is it secure?2020-02-29T13:12:30+01:00

Yes. The TetchiBag has been cleverly designed to attach securely to all modern suitcases and remain attached for the duration of the flight. We use high quality straps and strong metal clip buckles so you can rest assured your luggage will stay intact when it comes off the belt.

Is the TetchiBag airport and airline friendly?2019-12-01T22:11:32+01:00

Absolutely! The TetchiBag is generally accepted at all airports and by most airline operators worldwide. So long as your suitcase and TetchiBag total length (depth) does not exceed the maximum limit of 60 inches and is securely attached, it will be accepted without any issues.

What type of type of items can I pack into the TetchiBag?2019-12-01T21:54:35+01:00

You can pack almost anything into your TetchiBag like clothes, footwear, hats, towels, books and outerwear. We do not recommend the storage of easily breakable or crushable items such as electronics and other fragile items.