Our Story

TetchiBag is the brainchild of John S.

It was during a two week holiday in August 2019, John noticed how his partner struggled to close her suitcase and zip it shut due to overpacking. He was tired of watching her cram items into an already stuffed suitcase and damaging the zips, so he decided to do something about it.

While onboard the short flight from Vietnam to Singapore an idea entered his head and he immediately visualised a bag with many compartments that could be attached to any modern suitcase. He realised at that precise moment other people must have this problem as well and this product could help them too.

After John returned to the UK from the two week holiday, he pretty much got to work straight away and hand stitched the first prototype. After many painful months of prototyping, designing and testing, a commercial concept was created and taken on a test flight. It didn’t quiet go to plan and John was left disappointed to find the bag had flipped over during transit, but thankfully still attached to the suitcase as it lay on the luggage belt.

Not giving up so easily and after making several improvements to the bag and taking it on multiple flights John and his team finally cracked it. It was a success and the TetchiBag was born.

The rest is history!